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October 14th, 2006, 12:07 PM
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On Tuesday, Kannon will be 6 weeks. About 10 days after I had him, I finally realized that the pain, etc., I was having was from a urinary tract/bladder/kidney infection. I called the OB on call, she prescribed a sulfa drug. I'm allergic to sulfa and they're incredibly weak antibiotics. I've also had this problem before and told her that I needed to be on a few rounds of it or it would come back stronger and deadlier the next time. I swear I heard her laugh. She gave me one round. My brother and his family came into town right after I finished. I did WAY more than I should have. I walked all over the place, including Yellowstone. I started bleeding heavily, but the docs thought nothing of it because all problems generally present themselves 10 days-2 weeks after birth and I was past that. I finally had to call again because I got up last Monday morning and huge clots fell out all over the place. I got meds, didn't work, had to have an emergency D&E that night. They still have no idea what the bleeding was about. The next morning, I was running a high fever, called again, and went in. The kidney infection was back and my temp was rising quickly. Again, they just gave me antibiotics and sent me home, but I knew better. I passed out at home, DH woke me up, made me take my temp every few minutes, and it was getting scary high--within 5 minutes, from 103.6-104.5. We went to the ER and I was admitted early Wednesday morning. I should have gone home on Saturday, but my temp jumped 3 degrees in 30 minutes, so they kept me until Wednesday. The night of the jump, they took me for a CT scan and THEN told me that I couldn't feed Kannon because of the injection. We had to send people out in the wee hours in our town trying to find pumps (for pump-n-dump) and formula. I was so angry. They hadn't let me feed him before and he'd never had the bottle. Luckily, he took it. (And, luckily, switched right back after the 48 hours were up.) I found out later that the hospital had all the stuff I needed--no one volunteered it. Here's hoping it's all over and done with. I'm exhausted and trying to take it easy, but life seems to have other plans. Sooooo, send healing thoughts my way. I can use them. I'll try to be back on more when everything evens out!

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