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October 15th, 2006, 08:37 AM
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First, the dream. I dreamed I took another pregnancy test, and it was darker, but then I suddenly started bleeding a LOT and I passed a clot about an inch long that looked like a salamander. And DH wasn't anywhere around, just my dad. (Not even my mom!! just my dad!)

Of course, if I really did miscarry, the baby wouldn't be an in long.

So, I got up and retested. I had stripped to take a shower and so I stood there naked staring at it and nothing happened...and nothing happened. Then I thought I could see very very faint line...but fainter than the first, and I almost started to cry.

Then I remembered that the line on the first one didn't get it's darkest until I got home from the clinic, so I decided to take my shower and look at it when I was done. I prayed so hard while showering!

And then this is what I saw when I got out:
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