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October 15th, 2006, 05:50 PM
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I am going to look through the homeschooling links that're posted on here, and will collect information that way too, but I was wondering if you girls could give me some advice on talking to my husband.

I've been thinking about homeschooling since I was pregnant. The reason being, my husband's in the Army so we move around a lot and are not always necessarily in the best school districts. Also, when our service is up in 2010, that'll be just around the time that my daughter will be entering school-age; more than likely, for the job that DH does in the Army, we'll be moving to D.C. to find a similiar civilian job. I don't know *too* much about DC, but I've been there, and have done a little research, and I do know the school systems (at least, some of them) aren't that great, particularly in the city. And if we choose not to get out in 2010 and extend his contract, we'll be forced to move again.

I thought that homeschooling would be a great option in either case, but when I (very briefly) broached the subject with my husband he was opposed, saying "Homeschooling kids turn out weird". Now, please don't take offense to this, his statement merely reflects his lack of education on this issue, and he really is a smart guy.

I was just wondering if anyone had any stats or opinions off the top of their head that could be used when I do sit down to talk with my husband about this. I know I'm sort of jumping the gun a bit, my DD just turned 1, but probably around 2 or so I could begin to teach her formally. I guess any way you look at it I'm jumping the gun lol

Thanks so much!
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