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October 15th, 2006, 08:06 PM
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Hi! First off, let me welcome you to the board!! I've seen your posts on other boards and I'm glad you decided to visit us here. I don't think you're jumping the gun at all by beginning to think about HS-ing early. It's better to have your research done in advance, I believe, and there is certainly enough info out there to keep you busy for the next four years! DH and I began talking about HS-ing before we even had kids!

As far as convincing your DH, I think that one of the best ways to go about it is to gather research about the better quality of education that your kids would get, as compared to the PS system. I know that the Home School Legal Defense Association has many articles about that issue and they can be found at

Now, I don't know how to convince him that your kids aren't going to turn out weird other than for you to say that you know a TON of ladies at JM who homeschool and THEIR kids aren't weird!! I think that "socialization" is the most common issue that non-homeschoolers have with homeschooling because everyone thinks that kids who are homeschooled are going to turn out warped or something! (As though all of the kids who are in public school are so "normal"!) I don't really know how to get someone's mind around that issue...someone else might have some better input on that.

I know that there are many homeschooling groups and co-ops out there that provide classes and field trips and even sports teams for homeschooling families to participate in, so maybe he would best be convinced by seeing some websites from those groups. (Did that make sense?) I'd suggest googling homeschooling groups in D.C. and the surrounding areas (since that's most likely where you'll be living) so that he can see what options would be available to your family.

Please feel free to come back lots and lots and ask tons of questions!
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