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October 15th, 2006, 09:03 PM
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I would find all the local possibilities for socializing that you can. Such as what Homeschool groups are around, any classes for homeschoolers, or other types of social things for kids. Hopefully your area will have a lot of things which you can write down to show your dh. Also does he actually know any kids who are homeschooled? If you join a local hs group you may be able to make some friends and let dh see they are not weird.
Maybe he knows some who went through homeschooling 15 years ago or something, well let him see that hs has changed since then. Also does he know any kids who went through ps and are weird? lol most of the weird nerds he knew are probably working for mircro soft and raking it in now. If there are news items around about bad things happening in local ps's then I would point those out. I think the social thing can be one of the hardest thing for some dh to get over, particuly if they were on a high school sport team and were really popular for that. They don't want to see there kids 'missing' out. But theses days homeschoolers have there own teams, and depending were you live still play on school teams. The good thing is you have lots of time to work on him. I think you just have to hold in your own enthusiasm and do it slowly bit by bit by dropping 'gems' into his mind. Most men seem best if given a tiny nugget to think on before another is given lol. Hopefully he will have come around to your side by the time your child is a few years older. if say Kindergarten enrolment is looming and he's still unsure then I would push for a years trial run, then a revaluation at the end of it. What you want for your dc education is just as important as what he wants.
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