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October 16th, 2006, 09:41 AM
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I already tell miguel I'm homeschooling him because he's smart, asks a lot of questions, He likes waking up late and playing. I haven't ever told him part of the resion is medical conserns. If she asks you can point out all the things that are advantages. Mabe let her "test out" a day or week at school.

I have cerible palsy. I know it's not a skin condition but as long as it's not shyed away from or treated as an issue you'll probably not have that much issue with her feeling she's diffrent. I think often adults say meaner things then kids. My mom use have people tell her I'm like because She must have drank or shook me. Kids are usually just courious the wierdest think a girl has asked me in elementary if I was trampled by a horse when I was a baby. only as I got older did I notice adults though I was not as smart as I am because of my handycap. Sorry I went OFF topic

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