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October 16th, 2006, 12:51 PM
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Eh, wasn't convincing to me. Speeding up or slowing down the film doesn't CHANGE the motions of the baby, it just speeds it up, or slows it down. I can agree to some extent, though, that the speeding up or slowing down may have been down to play on the emotional aspects of the film.

And the planned parenthood site is obviously a prochoice site, so that source is also biased (as others have stated that the movie was biased...I think it said that in the link).[/b]
Contrary to popular belief, Planned Parenthood is not recruiting women to get abortions It's a womans health clinic that happens to perform these services. All of the information they presented was scientific and factually based...because they are a national health organization they are held to a different standard than Joe Schmo's pro-life site that feeds you doctored pictures and misinformation.

As for the "motions of the baby"


At this stage of pregnancy, all fetal movement is reflexive in nature rather than purposeful, since the latter requires cognition, which is the ability to perceive and know. For cognition to occur, the cortex (gray matter covering the brain) must be present, as well as myelinization (covering sheath) of the spinal cord and attached nerves, which is not the case.

An example of the reflex withdrawal without pain occurs in an anencephalic (absent brain) newborn. Another known example of the reflex movement at this stage of human pregnancy is thumb sucking in utero.

What is termed "frantic activity" by the fetus is a reflex response of the fetus resulting from movement of the uterus and its contents induced by operator manipulation of the suction curette or the ultrasound transducer on the abdomen. This same type of response would likely occur with any external stimulus. A one-cell organism such as an amoeba will reflexively move or display a withdrawal reaction when touched.

In addition, experts in ultrasonography and film technology have concluded that the videotape of the abortion was deliberately slowed down and subsequently speeded up to create an impression of hyperactivity.

But f you can find anything on any website, pro-life or otherwise, to debunk these facts feel free to post it!

I had many very early ultrasounds with Owen because of my previous loss, and oddly enough he moved just as "violently" as that fetus on the video. I just watched it and was not impressed. In fact I think abortion is a very gross thing, I do not think the fetus or embryo is just a lump of cells, but I also know that this video is a bunch of BS.

I will say this, I think that a much older fetus maybe could feel pain, and I think that they might have some clue that something is happening, but not this early. And anyone who has had an early ultrasound can attest to the fact that they are little jumping beans and it has nothing to do with their consciousness.

I watched this video thinking maybe this could change my mind, but it just made me realize that not everyone is trying to be truthful when they have an agenda. (speaking of the doctor in this film not anyone else)
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