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October 16th, 2006, 05:23 PM
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My husband reacted the same way when I first brought up homeschooling. His little half-brother was homeschooled for a couple years, but his brother's mom (my husband's step-mom) was way overprotective and sheltered him. Now he is very dependant on his mom, even though he's 20. I had to explain that that doesnt happen when homeschooling is done right. Homeschooling isnt about sheltering your child and keeping them locked off from the "real world" and civilization.

After I shared my research with my husband and explained homeschooling to him, the socialization options, curriculum ideas, etc etc he came around to it... it took a couple months for him to get comfortable with the idea... but he finally did. Now he agrees with me that homeschooling will probably be the best option for us. (btw, my husband is also in the military... and plans to stay in for the full 20 years)

Also, you're not jumping the gun... my first child is still in the womb, lol.
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