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October 18th, 2006, 06:16 PM
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How did you get the courage to do a home birth?

I hate to say this, but its really been bothering me. I'm glad Hailey is here and is safe and healthy, but i'm really not happy with the experience. I was induced, and honestly if I had waited just until that saterday I think I would have went into labor on my own - and probably had an unplanned home-birth. But, can't change that now. When, I was in labor, her HB dropped drasstically and they had to use the vaccum thingie or I would have had to have a c-sec. I think that was related to being induced - it was to hard on me and her. Or maybe its "normal" for it to drop like that [the lowest I remember seeing was in the 50s with each contration]. I guess i'm just really scared to do a homebirth, if that were to happen again and things not be ok. Once she was born, she was fine screaming within seconds. Also, how would you get DH to go for it? DH, would much rather be at a hospital. I considered a few hours after she was born, just checking us out against their policy I was so fed up with them, and otherwise uncomfortable.
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