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October 18th, 2006, 07:50 PM
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I know that in my area midwives can take high risk moms though many choose not to for liability purposes. Here midwives are forced by law to either work in conjunction with doctors or be laymidwives which are (unfortunately) illegal in Illinois.
VBAC is no reason at all to deny care, in fact I'd say it's even more of a reason to shoot for a homebirth. At home your labor is less likely to stall and if it does there's not as much pressure to keep it moving. At a hospital or birth center if your labor stalls they will either give you a pit drip or some cervidil, both of which are known to cause super contractions and uterine rupture. Because of this I firmly believe that it is more dangerous to give birth in a hospital or birth center than it is to give birth at home.
Keep in mind that transfer is always an option for all homebirthers. Even if you haven't had prenatal care an ER cannot deny you because of prior care status.
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