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October 18th, 2006, 08:51 PM
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I was induced with my first and that's why I'm here. April (doornail dorothy) is absolutely right about the nature of the contractions, with pitocin they are just hard. Once I started reading about birth, history of birth, and natural childbearing, I was hooked. I think it's so great that you recognize already that it could have been better. I didn't figure that out until halfway through this preg.

I used to say "what is something happens" just like I hear so many women say, but once I actually researched I learned that not only is something way less likely to happen in homebirth, most of the time the "complications" are iatrogenic, caused by doctors and their interventions. Also, as my HB MW says, complications are not emergencies, they don't just HAPPEN, there are things that lead up to them and "flags"to look for.

As for your DH, give him a little time to digest, this is all pretty fresh for him. I really expected much more of a fight with mine, but once I told him why I wanted to do it, he was all for it. When he met the midwife he was like, "that was awesome, I'm so glad we are doing this" and when we watched the homebirth video, he's like, WOW! it can be like that? Beyond that, once you get the facts, present him with them. There aren't deniable.
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