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October 18th, 2006, 10:52 PM
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As everyone said, it will depend largely on your state's laws.

For my midwife, she had a set guidelines when she had to make a referral to the physician. Placenta problems, GD, and preterm labour are all cases where my midwife would have had to refer me to a doctor. The doctor would then have to advice the best route to take.

For preterm labour, that's something you'd have to watch for and then address if the issue arises. A midwife might be upset because of their payment. My midwife get's paid after the birth. If she sees me for say the first 30 weeks and I switch to a doctor, she doesn't get paid. This may be a factor.

For the gestational diabetes, I don't even think that reall matters. I know legally the my midwife wuld have to refer, but in my research it's something that creates more problem then good. I think GTT should be thrown out. My midwife said if it can be easily managed, then she'd still be able to see a patient. I didn't even take the test .

Placenta problems are serious business !! I have no idea what to say about that one. VBAC can still be handled by a midwife (insurance and state legislation may vary).

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