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October 19th, 2006, 12:13 AM
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I posted this after Aiden was born back in July in the Natural Childbirth forum... I copy and pasted it here....
He was my 3rd homebirth. I'll get Xander and Lucas' up later if you'd like!

Aiden has been stubborn from the beginning. I was due on July 9 and he finally made his appearance on July 20th.

I woke up around 5:00 am on July 20th. I wasn't feeling any different but for some reason I couldn't fall back to sleep. It was okay my husband was getting up for work in an hour so I just laid there thinking to myself about all that I had to do that day. And then out of nowhere I thought to myself that I probably shouldn't let Mark go to work today. I was having mild braxton hicks... I had been having for the past two weeks. But then I just tossed those thoughts aside. I didn't want to get my hopes up and then this would be another false alarm. So Mark got up, as usual, got dressed and went of to work as usual. He accidently woke the other two boys up and I let them come in the bed with me to sleep until it was time for them to get up. After maybe being there for 15 minutes I got really sleepy. I told the boys that they could get up and play quietly in their room while I got an hour or two of extra sleep. For some reason they didn't even fight about it. (They usually throw tantrums when they have to go back to their room.) So after I got them settled I went back to bed for maybe about an hour and half.

And I woke up to my water breaking. It was a little trickle at first. Then I stood up and still just a little trickle. I went to the phone and called my husband home from work. Then I called my midwife. I was really shakey and kind of freaked out. While I was talking to my midwife a big gush came. (Thank god I was in the bathroom... although not on the toilet.) I was worried about the baby not having dropped enought and the cord having slid down when the water came out. My midwife was great... she told me to calm down... that water breaking happens. The liquid was clear... she told me not to worry and that she was on her way. I then called my MIL and asked her to come help with the kids. I still wasn't having any contractions and that was also worrying me. After I made all the calls I did as my midwife said and laid down on the bed with a pillow between my knees and kept myself hydrated.

Xander was so cute. He heard me freaking out and came out of his room and saw all the water in the bathroom. He asked me if I had an accident. I was so freaked out I didn't even clean it up. My MIL was the first person to arrive and she looked in the bathroom and saw all the water and thought that Xander had an accident. I had to yell at her from the bedroom that it was my mess. So my MIL took care of that.

Finally my husband came home and he went around getting everything set up for the birth. At this time I finally started having contractions. They were 7 minutes apart and 1 minute long, but not very strong at all. Then my midwife came and she checked me to see how dialated I was. I was only 2 cms! I was very upset by this. She also noticed that there was now a little maconium in the fluids. Which of course made me freak out very much, even though she had just checked the baby's heartbeat (a very healthy 140). Again she was able to calm me down greatly. She just looked at me and said... "This is normal for a post term baby okay. The baby sounds good. The fluid is still clear except for these little flecks of maconium. No need to worry. If the liquid starts looking like pea soup or something... then it's time to worry. But everything is fine now." So she had my husband and I lay down and try to get some sleep so we would be rested up. She asked my MIL to take the kids for the day, seeing as I didn't want them there for the actual birth. Which was great... it was very relaxing without them there. And I needed to be relaxed.

So two hours later... the contractions were still the same. And she checked me again... I was only 4 cms. I was still getting very discouraged. But the baby's heartbeat was still sounding reallly really good. So now she had me stand up and walk around a bit. And guess what... it still wasn't kicking the labor in. The contractions stayed the same and I wasn't progressing. She didn't do another plevic exam for awhile... but she knew I wasn't in active labor. After another 2 hours she checked his heartbeat again... it was still steady and strong.

Since Aiden was still taking his time in coming out my midwife decided she could go home and take care of reschedualing appointments that she would be missing because of my being in labor. I was calmer now, knowing that the baby was fine so I was okay with her leaving. She did have one of her assistants come over and check the heart beat and check on how my contractions were. Still not getting any stronger. So my midwife decided it was time to try to do something to kick me into a little harder labor. I started taking Raspberry Leaf (Not tea... but like the herb) a dropper full every half hour. Then she said because my water had broke it looked like my hormones hadn't been lined up properly for my body to go into labor. And that we would have to try something to try to line them up. So... yay me... I had to take castor oil.

As soon as I took castor oil she came back over. She listened to the baby's heartbeat and it was still fine. She said it would take maybe an hour for the castor oil to take effect. So she decided to have me try a few other things while we were waiting. The contractions were coming a bit harder now and they were 5 minutes apart and lasting a minute long. She wanted me to do pelvic rocks through three contractions. Then I had to sit on the toilet for 2 contractions and then I had to go outside and walk up and down the block (but not too far in case the castor oil kicked in and I had to go to the bathroom). I was to do all this while she went out and got coffee. So I did all these things and I think doing those things kicked me into labor and not the castor oil. (It never went through my system and worked like it should have... thank god for small miricals)

When she came back she could tell I was in active labor (we were walking in a school parking lot accross the street from our house) Every once in awhile I had to stop my husband and hold on to him. I think some of the people walking around that night thought we were strange. So she had me come in... I had to go to the bathroom anyways. She checked the baby's heart beat... still strong and she could tell he finally decended more. She said since the walking was working that I should keep on walking. So outside we went again. I walked for maybe 15 more minutes and they were getting stronger. To the point that when I stopped and leaned on my husband I started biting on his shoulder. And I was getting really hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. I told both my husband and my midwife that I couldn't be outside anymore that I had to inside.

So inside we went. This time she checked to see how far along I was and I was 6 cms. She said I should probably walk some more. I said I was too hot and she said okay... go take a shower in cool water and then go back outside and walk. My husband took the shower with me and I needed him badly. I had to lean on him a lot and I continued to bite his shoulder and sometimes his hand. I almost went for the neck but some how stopped myself, after all I'm not a vampire. I couldn't stay in the shower long... it was annoying me. I simply stated in a very firm manner that I wasn't going outside... I needed to lay down. I"m usually not that forward so my midwife said "Okay.... this looks like it might be transition... let me set up and call my assistants over and then I'm going to check you again." She first helped me to lay down on my left side with a pillow between my knees and my husband at the side of the bed. The contractions were becomeing extremely painful and I was starting to freak out a little. While she was setting up and her 2 assistants were arriving my husband helped me to breath through the contractions that were now coming really fast. Whenever I would feel a contraction come on I grabbed my poor husbands hair and held on tight... pulling it. He was great he didn't even acknowledge that I was doing it... he would just help me breath through the pain. It seemed to be taking forever for the midwife to get everything set up. I could hear the assistants arriving and everyonce in awhile I'd hear a laugh. OH HOW THAT WAS ANNOYING WHILE I WAS GOING THROUGH THIS. I had started shaking now too. Which was new... I didn't with either Xander or Lucas. It drove me nuts. And then all of the sudden I felt this erge to push. A practically screamed at my midwife to get in there because I felt like I had to push and knew that I couldn't until she gave me the okay. She checked me quickly then and I was at 8 almost nine. I had another contraction where I felt like I had to push and it took everything in me not to do so. I never had pushing contractions with Xander and Lucas until I could push. So agian... something new for me. Finally she said... okay now you can start pushing.

I pushed once and I could feel him crowning and that ring of fire that happens with it. Which was again new for me... with Xander and Lucas my water broke right around that time and it kind of washed away that experience. But she placed a wet washcloth there and the pain subsided again. On the next contraction I pushed again only not very hard so nothing happened. So finally I pushed once more and he came out in pretty much one push. They placed him on my chest and I was finally holding my baby in my arms at 11:53pm.

I had wanted a girl sooo badly but when he was in my arms I was... so... so happy it was Aiden. I wouldn't trade him for 1000 girls.
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