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October 19th, 2006, 06:29 AM
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Dh is really hard to convience on issues [it normally involves alot of fighting to get him to change his mind].

I've tried to explain this before, but nobody understand what i'm saying. When I was at the hospital, the contractions were not really that different in intensity from what I was having at home already. But my body was not cooping well at all. I was on the verdge of passing out [if I didn't get an epidural I would have, but I didn't want a c-sec]. I think if I had not been induced I could have managed without the epi, or other interventions. I was so happy about being i nduced, I guess when your overdue and just anxious its hard to say "no" when they mention induction. Plus DH, is a very "scedual" kinda guy. He doesn't like suprises AT ALL. I said, wasn't it wierd just walking into the hospital not having to feel rushed or anything like that, and he said he didn't want that anyways, but I didn't like it, I love that Hailey is here, and tht she's healthy, as thats most important. I tried to talk to DH about that, and he thinks i'msaying i'm not happy she's here and healthy and happy. Of course I am, I just wouldn't do that again, but I keep dwelling on it, because its not what I wanted and hoped for.
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