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October 19th, 2006, 09:00 AM
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Since I have done a homebirth, I have noticed a BIG difference in my babies.

All my kids have had jaundice. My 4 hospital babies ALL ended up having to repeatedly go back for blood tests. Their jaundice took several weeks to clear up. One of them even had to be hospitalized. Maddies was cleared up within a week!

All the kids had blocked tear ducts to the point that their eyes would be matted together. Maddie has a little bit of it and not nearly as bad as the other ones!

I was much more comfortable here.

Labor didn't hurt as bad since I was more relaxed here.

After my experience this time, I regret not checking into homebirth sooner.

Everything they do in a hospital carries risk.

Hospitals are full of infection.

How did I get the courage?? I have a friend here who had had 2 homebirths and was getting ready to have her third one. My husband and I began having problems. I told him if he didn't want to be supportive of the pregnancy, fine, I would go about it alone, I didn't need him. I let him know I was meeting with the mw and he could go if he wanted to. He went. I'm pretty sure if he hadn't been being a jerk that I wouldn't of had the guts to say I'm doing this with or without you.
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