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October 19th, 2006, 09:35 AM
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Posted from my ddc!!

Madalynn Elaine is here!! She was born at 4:41pm September 1st. Little Miss Madalynn
Elaine weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz and is 19.5 inches long.

I am totally wiped out!! I woke up having contractions on thursday
morning about 6am. They were irregular till about 7pm when they hit
10 minutes apart. A few hours later they were 7 to 8 minutes part.
At midnight they stopped completely. I used that break to get a few
hours of sleep, like 4!! When I got up at 5 this morning i started
having them about every 20 to 30 minutes. We got the oldest two off
to school and decided to go walking. We did about 3 miles and the
whole time contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart. We came home
where they spaced out to about 5 minutes apart then they atsrted
getting closer. By about 1 they were about 4 minutes apart. We
called brenda, our midwife, about 2pm. It took her about an hour to
get here. I labored in the tub but it got to where the back pain was
horrendous and I couldn't take it. We went to the bed and after a
little bit I asked her to check. I was 7 with waters bulging. She
said she could break it and it would speed things up but be more
painful or we could keep going like we were. After two contractions,
I said screw it and told her to break it. I felt so much better
after she did. Just doing that sent me from 7 to 9.5 and she told me
I could push if I wanted. I had a few contractions and decided I
wanted the baby out NOW. I had to push slowly while she stretched
skin (what fun) but after 6 minutes baby was here. It was amazing to
be in my own bed holding my brand new baby. James took a peek and
let us all know we had our girl. I have no tears but am having
wonderful (notice the sarcasm) afterbirth pains.
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