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October 19th, 2006, 01:29 PM
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For me....
The snow would be falling like crazy outside. Cold and icy! It would be so warm and comfy in my home. I would love to labor in the middle of the night, during a full moon. Isobelle would be tucked into her bed, sleeping like an angel. All lights off, candles scented of roses and lavender would surround my bathtub. The tub would be filled to the brim with water just warm enough to match the temperature of my body and my wonderful husband would sit on the floor next to the tub holding my hand and whispering very loving things into my ears. Rubbing the stress from my body, he would walk with me through every step of labor, almost like he was experiencing the same feelings within his own body. When the baby crowns, I would like to get up on my knees and gently guide him from my body myself. Being the first hands to touch his sacred skin and pull him up to my breast immediately for him to suckle from my breast. The rest can wait... DH, my beautiful new child and I all together experiencing the first nursing together and loving every minute of it.
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