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October 19th, 2006, 06:24 PM
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I didn't have an emergency kit. Whenever I was 36 weeks I went out and got these things(bought or gathered from around the house and put into one centeral location):

Guaze squares
2 Shower curtains (and two fitted sheets for the bed)
2 table cloths
Peroxide (for splatters of blood and what not)
Space Heater
Water bottle
12 or so recieving blankets
8 washcloths
a pot for boiling water

We used everything. The space heater warmed the room for the baby's arrival. We also used it for awhile after too. The hot water bottle was for her because her temp. was low. We wrapped it up in a blanket and put it next her back (herfront was to me). The table cloths and shower curtains were life savers. We only used one shower curtain though. I gave birth on the we had set up two locations. Peroxide was a life saver!!! I also had sea salt at home that I used to wash all the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases that got blood on them. NOTHING was stained. The sea salt and peroxide worked perfectly.

The washcloths were used for the pernial area when I was crowning. That was ESSENTIAL!! It felt sooo good during the ring of fire.

Recieving blankets were used instead of towels because they're softer.

humm... the flashlight was so the midwife could look for tears....

Well I guess that's about it.

The midwife bought everything else.

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