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October 19th, 2006, 09:30 PM
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Thank you, ladies. It's been a scary experience. Of course, after the fact, everyone tells me that they just KNEW that something was wrong...but not a single offer of help. I pushed too hard, and I'm sure that contributed. I'm still not fully recovered, but here's hoping that I'm on the mend and that I'm going to STAY there!!!

Kannon is VERY healthy, as far as we can tell. I'm going to admit something that has kept me awake since the incident: I dropped him my first night in the hospital after readmission (for the kidney infection, not the bleeding). Only from the bed to the floor, but it's something I can't forgive myself for. Every time I look at him, I cry. I was so weak and had no business trying to care for him, but what option did I have? Ugh. I'm bawling again writing this. I can't talk about it too much yet. I can't believe that I did it.

I seem to be making plenty of milk--enough for Kannon and a set of twins. It was hard-going at first, since my milk didn't come in when it was supposed to and he was a big kid. In the hospital, I pumped, which I'm sure saved our BFing.

More later, but time to get to that...and I think that I should probably get back to resting.

HUGS to all!

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