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October 20th, 2006, 08:36 AM
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Here's the rudest most memorable thing I had said to me

My midwife had me go to the hospital about a month before I had Xander. I started bleeding a lot and it freaked the heck out of me. She thought it just might be my mucus plug breaking but was a little worried because I had so much blood. She wanted me to get a ultrasound to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the Placenta. So I go in to the hospital and they ask who's my doctor and bleh bleh bleh. I tell them that I'm planning on a homebirth and that I had a midwife. I actually saw the doctors roll their eyes.

So as the story goes on... they lie to me tell me I'm two centimeter's dialated and that I have no amniotic fluid and that I should stay in the hospital and get induced. I said first I want to talk to my midwife. My midwife said.. it sonded like they were trying to get me to stay in the hospital and that I should go home get some sleep and we'd try to induce naturally. So we told the doctor our decision and the guy actually said... "IF you have the baby at home, it'll die!" And that the DH and I were bad parents because we wanted to have a homebirth.

So we left the hospital... my midwife checked me the next day I wasn't even a centimeter dialated. She checked the heartbeat and there was an echo so... I had amniotic fluid. We tried to induce naturally.. nothing worked. Xander wasn't ready to come out. Two weeks later he was born and to this day my midwife says we should have called him Noah because he had so much amniotic fluid. (I soaked 2 blue pads and my bed)
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