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June 8th, 2005, 02:38 PM
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Thanks for your input. I don't necessarily think your knowledge or lack of knowledge was the reason for the FTT. My first two kids breastfed really well. In fact, my first ds was such a good breastfeeder that he was always in the ninetieth percentile. My ds was my third and I knew lots about bfing. My supply problems were not because of me but because he has low muscle tone and dysphagia (meaning sucking/swallowing problems).

My doctors were really great about this as far as breastfeeding goes. None of them suggested formula they tried to get me a referral to a lactation consultant but of course my insurance company wouldn't cover it. I ended up seeing a lactation consultant for free at the hospital where my sister had her kids. They were the ones who told me I needed to start supplementing with formula asap. Not just one of them but several of them. I think that is why I do not think it was the wrong choice. I did everything I should do and my doctors were good about bfing. I don't know what I would do differently if I had to deal with it again. I think the only thing I would do differently now is that I wouldn't have felt guilty.

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