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October 20th, 2006, 11:50 AM
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Since I'm UCing I have to buy everything on my own. I guess I could buy a kit (they have them for relatively inexpensive at but I've read that lots of stuff goes unused. I have a list, it's all pretty self explanitory but I have the uses labeled for my DH:

Item Use(s)
Chux Pads Birthing
Gloves Birthing
Shower Curtain Birthing
Doppler Birthing
Towels (soft) Cleaning baby
Honey Cord Care
Witch Hazel Cord Care/Hemorrhoid Care
Bowl (large) For placenta
Vodka For placenta essence
Purified Water For placenta essence
Mason/Pickling Jar For placenta essence
Olive Oil Perineal Massage
Lavendar Oil Perineal Massage/Belly Massage
Salt (if lotus) Placenta Rub
Rosemary (if lotus) Placenta Rub
Newborn Diaper Postbirth baby care
Baby Cap Postbirth baby care
Aspirator Postbirth baby care
Thermometer Postbirth baby care
Shepherd’s Purse Postbirth Hemorrhage Control
Herbal Hemostat Postbirth Hemorrhage Control
Placenta Release Postbirth Hemorrhage Control
Hemorrhoid Pads Postpartum Care
Dermabond Postpartum Care
Panty Liners/Pads Postpartum Care
Maxi Milk Postpartum Care
Blankets (soft) Postpartum Care
Herbal Iron Prenatal Care
Gentle birth herbs Prenatal Care

Some or all of this may go unused, who knows... I have all of my herbal stuff already here, stored in a rubbermade bin and waiting.

I had this formatted all pretty but it didn't hold, so I'm very sorry if it's difficult to read.
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