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October 20th, 2006, 11:22 PM
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I'm glad you are feeling better. Definately rest and take care of yourself.

Did you have baby Kannon checked after the fall? I dropped Sophie, my oldest, once. She was older, about 8 months at the time. I was carrying her from one room to the next and I slipped on dog drool on our tile floor. She went flying out of my arms and hit the back of the couch before the floor. I was in tears a total mess. I called the ped. and they told me she was fine if there wasn't a dent on her head (which there wasn't) and if she had calmed down from crying after about 10 mins (which she did). I then had to wake her up every 2 hours that night to make sure she didn't have a concussion.

It is very scary. I know. I felt like the horrible mom of the year.[/b]
THANK YOU for sharing this! I was already sick, but pretty sure I extended my stay in the hospital due to stress from this. The ped never checked him, but the nurse who was on the morning I did it was in tears with me, checked him, thought he seemed fine, and everyone else thereafter checked him. I was in post partum because I had him with me in the hospital, so I was pretty confident that they knew what to look for. I still feel horrible. It makes me physically ill just thinking about it. He's bright-eyed and just like he was beforehand, so I'm guessing that he's fine. I felt like the worst mother. It was written in my chart, so everyone after knew what had happened and all I could think while they were talking to me was, "They know and they're going to take him." I didn't exactly concentrate on making myself better. Really, I know that he's fine, but holy hell, it better never happen again. I don't think I can take it. I'm barely handling this.

I guess you just always hear about people dropping babies or making jokes and you think, "How could that happen?" I've worked with babies and newborns since before I was legally allowed to work and I've NEVER dropped or otherwise injured a child. I can't believe that I did it so soon with my own...

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