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October 21st, 2006, 02:07 AM
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well i went to the doc again today...they said I was about 12 weeks 4 days along

I had a long talk with them about my blood pressure and the meds I am on and I am getting sick of what they keep telling me. First off my bp was a tad bit high today, but thats nothing new for me I have had high bp since I was 12. So they wanted to up my meds. they told me to start dubbling my dose. and then when I go back next week they are going to check it again if it is still high they are going to up it again....ugggggg I know there are risk with having high bp but seriously don't they relize that all these meds have not been proven to be 100% safe for the baby??? but they don't seem to care and I just don't know what to do. I am so frustrated, if i was not pregnant I would not mind so much messing with my meds trying to find out what works best but I am pregnant and I am worried about the chance of small gestational growth or going into labor too soon. I tried to explain my fears but they just kept telling me the risk of what could happen to my body if my bp got was 104/140 which i know the first # is high but seriously everytime they take my bp I get stressed out which makes it go up higher in the first place. I am so sick of taking meds and feeling crappy because of the meds.

So all in all i left frustrated and agreed to double my meds until the 30th when I go for an ultra sound and when they check my bp again...I am also going to check my bp at home and see if it really does just get higher at the doctor.

why can't things just be normal!!!!!! all my other test results came back and nothing not one other thing was wrong. I keep thinking that I am still going to loose this one I just can't seem to put my mind at ease and enjoy being pregnant I am just too worried all the time.

ok venting over...just not having a good day.
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