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October 21st, 2006, 10:15 AM
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1. Privacy - I hate being poked and prodded and on display for strangers. I REALLY hate it.
2. The opportunity to waterbirth. You can labour in the tub at our local hospital, but can't birth there.
3. Being in control. I want to be the one calling the shots when I'm in labour, doing what I feel like I need to do and just being able to listen to my body.
4. The recovery time. I hate the noise and chaos of the post partum unit at our hospital. I love being in my OWN bed, using my OWN shower, eating my own food, not being interrupted while trying to breastfeed, not being awakened to have my vital signs checked when I have finally just fallen asleep!!!! And for some reason, our Big Fat Non-Greek Family respects my wishes about staying away for a few days when we're home - in the hospital, I had visitors constantly! I guess because it's a public place, people don't feel like they are imposing? But in your own home, people get that it's kind of rude to just show up without an invitation.
5. No interventions, and no fighting. I escaped the interventions I wanted to with my hospital births, but I had to fight for it! Argued with the nurse about EFM because I was having back labour with #2. I was flat on my back for the NST for 20minutes and in total agony! Well, the thing had slipped and she wanted me to do it over. NO WAY. There was no reason to suspect that baby was in any distress, all my checks had been fine. I jumped out of bed and told her frequent checks with the doppler would be just fine and to let me walk around. She wasn't very nice after that. They threatened to break my waters with #2, I had to fight with them about not doing that. They wanted to do an episiotomy and use a vaccum for #1, I had to fight with them to let me push a little longer and she was born just fine a little later. At home, I don't have to fight because my midwife believes in me too!
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