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October 21st, 2006, 11:20 AM
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I'm sure he is fine if everyone checked him out. I just remembered this too... when Sophie was readmitted to the hospital when she was 3 days old for jaundice and dehydration I was getting up and putting her back under the bili lights and I tripped over a cord! I didn't drop her but the nurse was right there and gave me a big chewing out. Like I did it on purpose! I was so sleep deprived and worried about my child. I was already feeling like a bad mom because we couldn't get breastfeeding down.

Luckily you had a nice nurse help you. Do not beat yourself up over this. So many mistakes will happen after this too that you will go crazy. I cut my son's finger when I was trimming his nails once. He still, to this day, hates me to cut his finger nails. There was blood everywhere and I felt so bad.

As they get older they manage to hurt themselves and you feel like an idiot becuase you weren't watching them better. My husband was swinging our daughter on a swing he set up (OVER THE CONCRETE!!) and she fell backwards and hit her head. She was about 3 at the time. And didn't tell me! I was giving her a bath and felt this huge bump on her head and ran to him and screamed at him! I was so mad. She was fine, but I was mad the LET her fall and then didn't tell me. Of course he didn't let her fall, it was an accident.

Let's see whatelse... I shut my duaghters fingers in the dryer door when she was about three. I didn't see her holding on to the door I felt so bad.

I'm sure there are million more that I can't remember right now. My point is accidents happen. kiss and hug your baby and know you are not alone.
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