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October 21st, 2006, 01:25 PM
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OK, I don't usually read "mainstream" parenting and baby mags cause they ussually piss me off. I read mothering if I need a fix. However, I got the third trimester issue in the mail and they had an article...Childbirth Secrets, What brand new moms wish they'd known.

i figured it would make me mad but I decided to read it anyway..

Five moms:

Jen: Uber-prepared, Hypnobirther. Epi free and delivered in under four hours.

Rachel: "go with the flow mom" didn't have a birth plan, got an emergency c-section.

Roberta: HOme birth

Gina: Big baby, scheduled induction, but baby came day before teh appt. HAH!

Maya: "High Risk mom" Diabetes and hypertension. An induction, 30 hours of labor, emergency c-section

Maya said that she was surpised about her lack of control, even though she didn't expect much to begin with. She was hoocked up to monitors and IV's and THEN informed she couldn't get out of bed.

She was induced at 37 weeks because of her diabetes. PIll on cervix, which didn't work followed by foley catheter, to open her cervix, which didn't work, followed by pitocin, which after 30 hours, had only gotten to 3 cent. Did her body malfunction? Heck no, THE BABY WASN'T READY TO COME OUT!!!!!!! Then the babies heart rate started dropping, well, duh, pitocin is hard on a baby. So she had to be cut open.

One of the other women, her nurse wouldn't let her out of bed, she talked about how unnatural lying down felt, but couldn't do anything about it.

Oh, and Steven, Maya's husband. What he said about birth.

"After it's over, you'll be a fifth-class citizen-just below pond scum. Few nurses will recognize you and fewer will ask how you're doing. "It's normal to feel agonized and helpless."

I'm sory, I would just never want my husband to come away with feelings like those after something that is SUPPOSED To be so beautiful.

A couple of them reported good feelings about the whole experience, and .like they're nurses and docs. Heck, Rachel says, next time she'll skip labor and get a scheduled c-section.......

This article was so surprisingly anti-medical establishment that I was surprised they published it. but glad they did, cause these things are so common, and we should know what we are getting into.

So glad I'm doing a homebirth.......
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