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October 22nd, 2006, 11:17 AM
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Someone was kind enough to let me know that this msg of mine was resurrected so to speak (erin79 I'll pm you with answers to your questions)...and I needed to really hear this all right now. Just to update you I had to have surgery again in June of this year. it looked like the last d and c I had early in the year left some major scar tissue so I had to have that removed. This month was our first month trying and I am 12 dpo...this morning I tested and got a BFN...I have been crushed. I have been crying all morning. No one understands. I feel so stupid and I don't even understand why...I guess I am mad I let myself believe it would happen this month. I know many people try many months before getting pg but after everything...i guess I felt "entitled" which was wrong but I felt it anyway. I'm scared we'll end up having to do IUI because in case you don't recall Dh does have a low sperm count. I know my RE will do it right away for us if I asked...i was just hoping that it wouldn't get to that...I did everything right this month with the progesterone, the OPK's, the charting and NOTHING! I know there's a small chance it may be too early to tell but I doubt it.
Anyway, thank you for taking the time to respond to such an old post. God really knew what he was doing when he introduced me to you all...
Much love,
Aww well it may be too early. 12 DPO can still give false BFN's...give it a few days and test again. And if it is BFN, I know you are a trooper, just hang in there and ENJOY TTC for the next cycle, never lose sight of the enjoyable experience TTC is suppsoed to be! Personally I would be mindful of possible O dates, and then just BD, BD, BD how it comes naturally and only 'worry' during testing 2ww time, relax relax (yeah right) and just enjpy your journey. I know how stressful and devastating a BFN can be, but just channel all that, try and stay positive and it will make they joy of your BFP that IS coming- all the more sweet. Good luck hun!

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