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October 22nd, 2006, 05:23 PM
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Were any of you sore for a few days after ovulation while taking clomid?! I ovulated thursday or friday but it feels like it just happened ovaries, i guess its my ovaries and my lower back are still sore and it hurts still when i go to the i have that pressure feeling. Im 2dpo, do you think i have a cyst or do you think i could be pregnant? i know its early for symptoms and i couldnt even of implanted yet but usually i bounce right back after O. I also have twinges in my stomach and i cant lay on my stomach, i get this annoying tug feeling that like annoys me until i lay on my as if someone was under my matress, pushing up and hitting my stomach. what do you think?[/b]

as i sit here poking and prading i figured out my belly feels tender to touch,kinda. and i feel heavy down there
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