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October 22nd, 2006, 08:32 PM
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Well My weekend started out good. This week was the Washington Parish Fair in my home parish. We live almost 2 hours away but since it has always been a family thing I insisted on going. We went saturday and got there for about 12. Had to walk 3 blocks (because of parking & traffic) to the front gates. I was still ok. They were having pay one price till 4 and because there were so many people in lines we decided to wait to go to the midway. Me & the girls got our face painted, then we had lunch, listened to the band and went to the playground to see the carebears, spiderman, clifford, and Cassie from dragon tails. Then we went to the animal farm and the livestock barn. By this time I was pooped but still hanging in having a good time with the kids. We finally made it to the midway still packed but almost 4 when the bracelets where over and the crowd left. The kids rode lots of rides and had a great time. And I was still hanging in after 4 hours. Very suprisingly!!! When we were down low on the tickets it started to rain. We let them finish there tickets IN THE RAIN! The funniest was the big gigantic slide on potato sacks. There rears where soaked when they got off! We were all soaked all ready but the walk from the midway was about the length of 8 blocks not counting the 3 to the car. We were drinched when we got to the front gates and my oldest daughter got mad because we wouldnt sit in the rain infront of the stage to listen to a band! Im still laughing and hanging in. We make it to the car and get home, My hubby and youngest daughter cook fish they caught the weekend before and fries an we watched movies.

Here is where the bad part starts....

My daughter wanted to sleep with me and watch My Little Pony so she did and I watched with her. I fell asleep and about 4 am I woke up crying. I dreamed that for my drs appointment this tuesday I went in and they couldnt find a heartbeat. Then they did a u/s and still nothing and they were laughing and I was screaming at them that it wasnt funny. then I woke up. needless to say it ruined my hole day and weekend. ive cried all day anytime anyone said anything i cried. i am back home now to my normal bed so hopefully i will sleep good and have good dreams. I am scared to go to the dr tuesday now Im sure it will be ok but I will worry till the baby gets here.
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