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October 23rd, 2006, 01:30 AM
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1 Convience-I have three boys,speedy labours so it is much easier to get a babysitter to me than having to get them up and ready then round MIL's while in labour.Id rather risk them see me give birth then do it in the car and if I labour over night they can keep in bed

2 Its a lot easier for SO,no up and down the hospital with three others

3 Ive got everything here I want,my own food,drink and other goodies

4 I dont do pain meds dont want to and want to take the temptation away as in transition ive asked for them,didnt get them thankfully

5 I dont want students giving me regular internals,I dont want to be confined to one room and I want to be able to rest in my own bed with my family around me

I have had three great hospital births too,so nervous but for this baby homebirth seems to be the best option.
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