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October 23rd, 2006, 07:56 PM
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I ended up going into labor the day before they were going to induce me. I'd been having contractions with back pain for three nights before I went into actual labor. They put me into an L&D bed at 0300h and I was at 3cm with regular contrax. By 5:30am I was in the shower sitting on the birthing ball. At around 1000 I had an epidural-it was great-I went from agony to smiling within ten minutes! An hour later they started the drip because I hadn't progressed and soon after that in went a scalp monitor. At around 1:30pm we started having decels, the scalp monitor wasn't reading properly (or the baby was in trouble), I ended up having some weird cross match antibody issue because of the high doses of BP meds, and I wasn't progressing fast enough to get the baby out safely, and they also thought he could be huge. I ended up having an urgent c-section and he was born at 2:35pm. It was weird going into the same OR I had been working in daily, with all my colleagues. The baby had mecc'd when they got in there, and he was pretty flat but he perked up without a breathing tube. Thankfully I was drugged down and don't remember much. Babe was in NICU for four days, feeding issues, monitoring his blood sugars, he got out the day I got discharged. Finally on Day 13 I was able to make it down the stairs in our house comfortably. But now I'm getting into a routine, the baby is super-good. We're still struggling with breastfeeding-it decreases both of our diabetes risks. My mom has been here, it just feels better having her around even though I am providing all of his care. I've been able to drive the past five days, still get tired and sore, though. But its coming along and just seeing his little face makes it all worth it!

Lucky mother to five!

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