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October 27th, 2006, 12:29 AM
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It was her third birth at home and the third at which I have been present. It was beautiful, peaceful, and quick and at the end a sweet baby boy arrived to bless their home. There was a wonderful moment in the birth that I will always remember when my friend was intently breathing through the contractions and it felt as though everyone in the room (there were 6 of us altogether) was silent and breathing with her. It felt as though the whole room pulsed with every breath she took. My only wish is that I could have given my own daughter as beautiful and gentle a birth as this one. Unfortunately, that simply wasn't in the cards for us and we have a different story to tell.

Just thought I would share.

<div align="center">Mommy's little angel is Karolyn Amelia. Born June 8, 2006.</div>
<div align="center">Breastfed with love.</div>
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