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October 27th, 2006, 04:11 PM
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1. First person you talked to this morning. **dh**

2. A dream that you had last night. **can't remember**

3. What do you hear right now? **Nothing much actualy, my kids are actualy quietly playing on the deck, trafic and the fridge**

4. Last thing that you ate/drank. **I'm eating cerial as I type**

5. What is the main thing you need to accomplish today besides school? **packing to go to grandma's. It's sataday here )**

6. The last thing that made you LOL. ** Lisa thinking of chicken when asked for a vegtable! **

7. What are you doing this weekend? **Going to mils today, Sat. Sun we will go to the market.Finaly on Monday I will be getting my new orthodics made at the padiatrist.
Then I want to buy myself the new style Kumfs sandle that has been designed to take the new type of orthodic. After that I have a dentist appt for fillings. **

8. What are you looking forward to? ** Buying some sandles which will take the new style orthodic, which means freedom from wearing sneekers and old orthodics in the summer when out shopping. Woohoo. I guess unless you have bad feet you wont know what the heck I'm on about. Basicaly if I dont have my orthodic inserts and wear a regular sandle my feet and legs very quickly hurt. **

9. Who will you most likely call first today? **nobody**

10. How is the weather? **hot and muggy**

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