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October 28th, 2006, 08:39 AM
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1. First person you talked to this morning.

2. A dream that you had last night.
**Some family members (couple) had a lot more kids than I realized. I only remembered 2, but they had like 8 and I was so shocked to find out I had no clue.** Dreams are weird....

3. What do you hear right now?
**TV in the background, kids playing outside.**

4. Last thing that you ate/drank.
**cereal with 1% milk**

5. What is the main thing you need to accomplish today besides school?
**no school today (saturday). I need to pay bills & balance the checkbook.**

6. The last thing that made you LOL.
**Dh--he was leaving for work this morning and forgot his phone, so he came back in to get it. Decided to grab a jacket, too. Left again, only to come back because.....he forgot his phone again. LOL**

7. What are you doing this weekend?
**nothing much. may take the kids to a fall festival tonight.**

8. What are you looking forward to?
**a family get together (not sure on the date yet) with my dad & brother & sisters (and of course our families) where we'll all sit around eating my dad's homemade fudge & popcorn, playing games, and watching some old home movies on the reel. We also have them on VHS & my sister is in the process of putting them on DVD, but there's nothing like watching them on the original reel! I can't wait!**

9. Who will you most likely call first today?
**probably no one. normally it would be my sister, but she's out of town for a ladies' retreat for the weekend.**

10. How is the weather?
**cool & cloudy**
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