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October 29th, 2006, 08:31 PM
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Um, just so you know, the worry never goes away!!! I was worried my entire pregnancy and I lept telling myself, "As soon as my baby is here, I will be fine! Pregnancy is outta my control, but as soon as they are out, I can protect them!" ...Now I worry every night about SIDS, I worry about her catching the nasty cold and flu my entire family had last week, I worry about being the family that has tragedy strike when their little one is diagnosed with cancer... etc etc etc. (This is fresh on my mind b/c a family down the street just had their 5 year old diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumor- So Sad!)
I still worry about Ethan being healthy, so I dont expect to ever stop worrying about Leah too! Its all a part of being a mommy!
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