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October 30th, 2006, 08:18 PM
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that's incredibly selfish of him. Having issues is one thing, but refusing to even discuss it is ridiculous. I'm really sorry, that is so unfair of him. I would just tell him. I am doing it, it's the right thing for me. It's the right thing for our family and the baby and I will be safer here at home. Tell him, if he wants to know why any of those things are true, he knows where to find you. I mean really, why does he get to decide?

Ok, ok, that's not really mature and probably won't make anything better.....but seriously tell him at the very least he owes you a sit down. Then you can give him your whole side. Include the safety stuff, especially the parts about the complications CAUSED by doctors. Poor baby, this must be hard for you.[/b]
He I so know what you mean... it may be childish but hey.... shouldn't the one who's actually HAVING the baby be most comfortable. He does owe you to at least sit down and discuss... have you discused a birth center birth... that's usually a happy medium.
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