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November 2nd, 2006, 06:16 PM
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well holy crap now im mad i thought all contractions were that bad lol i hat pit too (kid was too weeks late) and no pain meds epi wasnt happening i wanted it trust me they tried 6 times too much scar tissue from my scoliosis surgery. Had i known the contractions would have been less like (H.E.L.L.) i would have refused it lol what do i know i had no clue i just wanted that kid outta me sure induce do whatever you wantlol. I thought i was dying but bit my tongue not wanting to look like a wuss. haha thats funny i had no idea lol NOW I KNOW THANKS! and his fat butt was 8.12 lol
And i felt the same way , the hospital was such an unpleasant experience and the nurses were a'holes. I wanted to knock them out. i dont wanna go thru that again. And it was hours before they let me see my baby after whisking him away to be cleaned up and etc or so they say. i really dont wanna do that again!
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