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November 2nd, 2006, 09:01 PM
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<div align="center">Welcome!!! Soo glad to have you here!!!</div>

My name is Abbey, I am expecting my first home birth when this baby comes out, sometime between last week in jan and mid feb. I am SOOO excited! I didn't know you could be EXCITED about L&D, but I AM! Well, the first thing I did was call the one person I knew who had had a home birth and got the number of her midwife. DH and I met her, and we LOVED her. My DH is really reserved with new people, but he was totally bowled over, and we were SOLD. Every appt. is better than the last. I do have to pay out of pocket, I don't have insurance anyway though, and I would Pay A LOT more than $2500 for this experience. That is pretty much all there is to it. She gave me a list my first visit of the supplies I would need to have on hand for the birth so we could keep them in mind. I labeled the rubbermaid tub today, YAY! SHe will come over for my 36 week visit to make sure we are ready for baby, and that she can get to my house and stuff, and that's pretty much it.

My DH was easy, but there have already been MANY posts about convincing DH's!! It's a COMMON problem! There's prob a lot of helpful hints already in the old posts.

So here's some baby dust

And here's some convince Dh dust

Good luck, stay with us!!

P.S. How did you get referred to this forum? I want to know where my advertisements are working.
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