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November 3rd, 2006, 09:40 AM
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Hey there! I finally made it over here! I just had my first homebirth with my second baby! There are still days I cant believe I actually did it! lol.

Anyways - Azlin Elizabeth is now 3 wks and 2 days old, and were doing great (well except for the stuffy nose my DH decided to pass on to her ).

Long story short: we initially planned to give birth naturally in a hospital and found a wonderful accomodating OB (who was also a DO). Well, he was new to the area, went against the grain, and found himself "ousted" from our community. So I started the search for a new OB (I was about 20something weeks along in my pg at this point). My DH had initially been adamantly against a birthing center, but hed learned a lot in the few months Id been pregnant. he agreed to visit it, then agreed wholeheartedly to switch to the birthing center. About that time, I came into contact with a homebirth midwife. He was ok with the birthing center, but very hesitant about thehomebirth - ok - not just hesitant -totally against it lol. TO make matters worse in convincing him she was a lay midwife. Though she had 20+ yrs of experience, we live in one of the few licensing states, and she wasnt fully licensed. (anothr long story). He did agree to meet her, and ended up absolutely loving her, and felt totally confident in her after talking to her.

So - for a few days we debated and finally decided on a homebirth. The birthing center was over an hour away and it would just be easier & happier in our own home we decided BUt, b/c she wasnt licensed, in the event of a transport, only her assistant could go with us. So I decided to get shadow care from an OB, and luckily found another really good OB who was supportive of our choices, although he didnt know all the details.

So - on Oct 10 I went into labor - 8 days over my EDD. I started out with contractions 40 mins apart, having NO idea i was in labor. About 8 pm I started getting a few close togehter, but the rest were still averaging 30 mins apart.. my MW decided to come anyways. She showed up at 10:30 that night. I felt horribly guilty b/c I just knew that this was false labor & shed have to drive all the way home lol. But as soon as she got there, things picked up. About 4.5 hours later, at 2:56 am on Oct 11 I had my beautiful little baby girl in the birth tub, which was placed right in front of the bay window of our bedroom next to our bed. My 7 yr old son was there to witness along with several other friends & family members (my DH of course, my Chiro, my doula, my cousin, and a good friend of mine). We got out of bed, and were able to all snuggle up in our bed together within moments of birth

I am so ecstatic about it! Theres so many more details, Ill have to post the rest later. Its just crazy - 9 months ago my DH wouldnt have even entertained the idea of a homebirth, now hes totally supportive and we wouldnt have done it any other way! My family thought I was nuts, but now theyre all singing a different tune


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