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November 3rd, 2006, 09:54 AM
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my 7 yr old son was there. We prepared him over the months, and knew what to expect, having seen many videos of birth (even graphic ones), and almost all of them natural births, some of them homebirths. Hes seen a few hospital ones, and we discussed all the things that happened, and the benefits of a homebirth, and what kind of emergencies could arise, and what would happen in each of those situations. he went with me to a lot of prenatals, and helped participate even then.

When i went into labor it was the middle of the night. We had someone there (my cousin) to tend to him in case he woke up & needed anything (support, something to eat, entertainment, etc).

But - he never did wake up lol. We had to send for him when I was pushing, and he came downstairs, and made it in time to see his little sister be born in the tub. He also cut the cord, and helped clean her up & with a few other little odds & ends afterwards. My DH cleaned out the birth tub, so my son helped the MW take care of me and do the little things in the couple hours after birth, and we just snuggled.

He did get a little "taken back" during the birth though. I think part of it was b/c he was woken up in the heat of it, he woke up to hearing me push (and yell! lol), then came downstairs just in time. If I coudl do anything different, it would only be to have had him come sooner. I remember pushing, and just catching a glimpse of him wakl past me and I looked up and asked if he aws ok... then went back to business. He asked me later why I was yelling, and we talked about it some more... to which he responded "Ok, thats what I thought, I just wanted to make sure".

He did great, but I think a lot of it was b/c we prepared him, he knew what to expect, and although its still hard on anyone watching someone they love, esp their mommy, in pain, he knew it was natural and necessary, and part of the process. And in the end, I think he has a great bond with his sister that is due in part to him witnessing her being born


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