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November 3rd, 2006, 05:48 PM
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My MW made me an herbal packet that they boiled into a tea while I was in labor. Then, they spooned them onto regular maxi pads & froze them for me to use in the few days postpartum. Talk about heaven!!!! It also speeds healing, which was just the icing on the cake!

We used the vinyl tablecloths, peroxide (mostly for cleaning a spot of blood off the carpet lol), chux pads, the birth tub!!!, and thats about it. I mean, except for the regular medical stuff like gloves, lubricant, perineal massage oil, etc. Oh - and orange juice. It was like a drink of HEAVEN after the birth! lol. Speaking of which, a really big jug for drinking out of during labor came in handy - it was 76 ozs or so and it was a good size, I could hold it, and it lasted me long enough that i didnt have to wait for refills

We could have used a pump for the birth tub - we forgot to buy one, and my Dh ended up having to bucket the water out by hand lol Poor guy. I think that traumatized him (i delivered the placenta in the pool so it wasnt a pretty sight! lol).

The MW also brought some homeopaths like Arnica which really seemed to help as well.

What could we have done without? Hmm... not sure. We never used the suction bulb (baby didnt need it), or the birth stool. But they were nice to have around just in case.


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