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November 4th, 2006, 10:27 PM
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Me: 18 (caucasian)
Rodney: 24 (filipino/asian)
Together: 1st bf I was his 1st gf...lost our virginity together known him since I was 14 he was 20..together for 4yrs..and very rocky relationship..been wanting out for awhile.

Help! Im so sad......I can't take this anymore.
I have a fiance (rodney) Ive known him for 4yrs and have been very unhappy in our relationship since we had our baby last may2005. Our relationship has been rocky and he dosnt treat me that nice anymore. Calling me names,whistling at girls on tv etc. He goes to work alot and Im always home with the baby but I do have family who watch her so I have time to go out.
I had met this Colombian guy named Luis on a dating website here in BC. And I had been talking with him for awhile..well not awhile maybe like 2 days. We had been chatting on MSN through cam...and we hit it off..we had such a good energy between us. And we decided to meet on Thursday (nov2nd)...Rodney was at I met luis at 6pm infront of my condo building...we went to a coffee shop and had something to drink it was kinda awkward so he asked if id like to go some where else. So we got in his car and he said lets go to a park to talk.
I was like "ok" that sounds sweet and nice I can talk to him one on one.
So we parked in this dark parking lot....and he looked at me and said I want to kiss you I was like blink.gif
but I kissed with him..and then he leaded my hand to his private parts & started groping me..I was like "hey, stop what are you doing?". I thought u said u liked me? Hes like: "i do baby come on" and wouldnt stop touching me. I was scared on what I was going to do.....he may rape me or hurt me if I say no and try to push him off.
So we had sex sad.gif soon as we were done...he said " i dont feel well im going to take you home". I was like uhhh soo ooo like oo--ookay. This had been only 30mins into our date when it happened. He took me to my house..I looked at him with a shocked face..and said "why did you do this?"..he said i was thinking of my girlfriend i had just broke up with her 2 weeks ago.
I walked into my house....sad and feeling so guilty.
I thought I maybe had found a nice guy & was so happy...and Luis knowed I only had 1 bf and had sex only with 1 guy in his life time.
When I told luis in the car he was my 2nd..........he looked so shocked..and when I got out of his car his eyes were red and watery.
So now last night......ROdney had found away into my emails the night before which was that Thursday and knew i was up to know good.
Last night when he came home from work I confronted him that i didnt want to be with him anymore and I was unhappy. he asked me about Luis and I told h im that i did meet him and I had sex with him under pressure. Well he fawkkin lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He yelled sooo loud.....and woke my daughter up.. she was crying...I grabbed her...then he took my computer and started picking it up and smashing it on the desk and the floor...into the wall..pulling the wires out of the computer. he hit it against my leg...kicked me in my leg...all infront of my BABY! I said "Stop" STOP pls..not infront of our daughter stop..............he wouldnt he didnt care to.
My mom came home 15mins after...(she lives with us to help with baby) he was then getting his stuff into plastic mom asked what was going on...I told her...she asked him did u hit my daughter?? and he said "shut shut up..shut up..shut up!". I was crying....she was so upset seeing me and then seeing our computer...she said to rodney I want the keys if ur leaving! He said :no: i pay rent here...ill come here when i my mom said give me the keys or ill call the police..he said do it..and walked out.
Called the police,,they came...took statements from me and my mom.....took pics of broken comp, took pics of my blue and black knee where the comp hit me. They are looking for him......he has charges against him.
hes running thoe..he called me today and asked me why did I get the police after him...and he said hes going to jump off a bridge or crash his car in a ditch! and hung up..I called the police and now there looking for him really hard...but hes running or gone. im sad,scared,maybe i shouldnt have done what i done.....i miss him, im confused,im scared,how am i going to make it on my own being a single mom. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!1
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