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November 5th, 2006, 01:19 PM
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Well, I do teach spelling.
The day after a "test" I call out each word with a sentence and he spells it. If he gets it wrong I tell him to try again as I write it on the board. So say for instance if the work is braid, and he said braed...then I write bra and ask him what would make the a say a....what is the special sound for ai as in braid. I then remind him that e usually comes at the end of the word. And he remembers that it is ai and then I write braid.

We go over them everyday if need be. And focus on the ones he had trouble with the most.

Each day he writes 5 of his spelling words.

"Test" day I give him his sheet and he writes what he thinks. He knows his grade...but he also knows that he knew the right way but that sometimes we mess up. And that is okay. I remind him that getting something wrong is how we learn something well and remember it!

My SIL was not a good test taker emotionally. She likes school but test her and she hates it. Her mother took all tests away. Ya know, you don't have to test her. I know pretty much from just our fun reviews and fast reviews what he knows. Ya know? The test is just another sheet. It isn't a big deal. HUGS!
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