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November 5th, 2006, 09:00 PM
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Andrew's Birth Story

It was Friday April 7th 2006 around 730-8am when i got a call from my midwife, telling me to go to the hositpal so they could keep a eye on my blood pressure just to make sure it doesnt get HIGH.
Got to the hositpal and got hooked to a iv, high blood pressure thingie, external fetal monitor. I couldn't get up to walk around at all. Since they had to watch my blood pressure and I had the external monitor on.
I believe around 10am or 11am the midwife on call at the hositpal wanted to do a ultrasound to see how much the baby could weight, she said she well never let a lady delivery a 8 1/2-9 pound baby. Ultrasoud said Andrew could weight 8 lbs.
After all of this she decides she was gonna induce me, she checked me before in I was only 2cm 70%afface. Around 2pm i got the piticon started having contractions at 5-6pm. The midwife broke my water. In after this the contractions got worst so I bug them for some pain meds. I got that wonderful epirdural......I wanted to have him natural so bad but I just couldn't handle it knowmore.

The babys heart went down and the nurse was concern so she stopped the pitocin she figured that the baby couldn't handle she stopped it......then put some fluid in my uterus just to make sure he wasn't compressing against the cord. HIS HEART RATE WENT BACK UP!!!!!!!

Around 5am i think i was told that it was about time to start pushing.....~oh goodie~ i tryed pushing while i was still gettin the epidural but i could feel the urge to push when i was told to...she the nurse stopped that....
after she stopped this the midwife on call said let her get some rest so they lefted.... (I think they knew I was about to have
Drew (my hubby) came back and i told him to get the nurse back cause i have to push.....wasnt even 10 mins.......i started to push and at 722 am andrew alton kinchen was brought into this world..... he weight 7lbs 8oz 20 1/2 inches long....

After he was born I couldn't stop

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