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November 6th, 2006, 05:19 AM
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I wish! I've always wanted to visit Australia. Can I come and stay at your house? My husband and I would both love to go and I want to take Dahlia. I am always telling my husband "Let's go to Australia and get ourselves a Dingo!" (Said in my HORRIBLE aussie accent) I never traveled as a kid so we are going to make up for it with our kids! Poor Dahlia is going to be like "We are going on ANOTHER vacation?". Haha

When I was little I had a bathing suit that said G'day Mate on it, thats as close I've come! LOL

As for the kangaroo thing... It all started with my brother in law. He was driving down the road and saw a dead dear on the side of the road and SWORE it was a kangaroo. We teased him relentlesly! Kangaroo has found it's way into many aspects of our lives! Other than that it has no meaning!

Sorry, this post was kinda scatter brained.. It's 7am and the baby went back to sleep so I'm moving through JM as fast as I can before she wakes up!

Thanks for the welcome!
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