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November 7th, 2006, 07:12 AM
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I find discovery health more NB friendly than TLC(baby story, surviving mtoherhood). They have the high risk shows but it is understandable that they would have more sections. They have House of Babies and I see quite a few moms standing up to the dr's on BirthDay. They do make it sound liek the mom is crazy or something in the narration though. I saw one with a couple from Denmark or somewhere over that way and they had there baby in a birthcenter and the baby had a fever and the they wanted to give ab's even though they didn't know for sure something was wrong. The father was refusing and they were making a huge deal about it. I can't remember if the parents gave in or not.

I like all the medical shows though not just the birth ones. my dad totally grosses out when I come over and watch them. lol
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