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November 7th, 2006, 10:57 AM
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Kitty.. I hate windows!!! Although I hate most housework! haha Very good smiley usage though!

Oh, my mom is now coming on my Australian vacation.. I told her she's in charge of watching the dingo on the flight home!!!

R&D's mom... I think that it's funny that you used "Y'all" in your sentance. Maybe kitty thinks it would be really cool to be from the south and say Y'all!

I do have to ask what"clag glue" means!!! You stumped me there!

And Shary.. I did enjoy homeschooling as much as anybody could enjoy school itself.. which I actually hated... hmm...

You ladies are fun! I'm definately sticking around! Just wait, you'll be trying to get rid of me before you know it! HAHA
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