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November 7th, 2006, 02:45 PM
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Tuesday, November 7, 2006 Election Day!

OK, so I am feeling really excited today. It started out sort of ho hum. I actually remember the OPK stick so I could take it at the right time today. Well, I'm bumming around work and I have to go to the bathroom (ok tmi, but I have to tell). Anyway I get half way down the hall and remember my OPK!!! So I go grab it, stick it in my pocket and head off.

I get to the restroom, do the little pee on a stick thing and sit there and watch it! I usually don't watch my tests (maybe I think it will be a better outcome if I don't look until three minutes is up) anyhow, I watched it and the surge line showed up before the comparison line. And it was DARKER to boot, by quite a bit! I've never gotten a truly POSITIVE on an OPK, not even the cycle I conceived our baby angel. So now I am just so excited!!

I can't wait to get home tonight, take a long (cool bath) and the do some bding! I'll have something to look forward to in 2 weeks. This is actually the first time I have really paid attention to all of this and it is kind of new and exciting! At least when your just starting out. I can't believe the excitement can stay around when you have to go through month after month without a positive on the HPT!

So, I am excited about getting back to ttc this month. I don't think I'll be heartbroken (THIS MONTH) if it doesn't happen. At least I say that now. But OB did say to wait two cycles, but I just can't do it and from everything I read other OBs do say you can start after one. So part of me wants this badly now and part of me would be happy with an HPT next month. After that, I'm going to get really desperate.

Well, maybe I take that all back. I probably will be disappointed if I don't get an HPT this month. I mean, my body could not be giving me better clues. Well we'll see. BD tonight and I hope tomorrow if DH doesn't have to be out of town. If he does I'm going to be upset!!! We've got to BD today and the next two days for me to be happy!

I'm also going to get my bbt thermometer today. I really hope that I haven't had my drop or spike just yet, so I can find my O day as closely as possible. Then we'll see what the chart says!!

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