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November 7th, 2006, 05:21 PM
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Maybe kitty thinks it would be really cool to be from the south and say Y'all![/b]
Ah well I am from the south...the southern hemisphere! lol way more south then any of ya'll

I do have to ask what"clag glue" means!!![/b]
Ok well it's really really thick kids paper glue. You know how some people make a white sauce that you can stand a spoon up in like that. You can tip the bottle upside down and it stays up there.

"Maybe the dingo ate your baby"[/b]
Um as much as a love you Lisa, that is so not funny. You might not know but that comes from the Azaria Chambilin case. In the 1980's a baby was taken from a tent and eatten by a dingo out at Airs Rock. I had no idea an American sit com had picked that up but it's really really not funny. It's kind of like the really bad taste segment South park has done on Steve irwin.

"Cats are keen, cats are great, cats are clean they lick your plate."
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